Gary Paul discusses Andrea Palladio’s work and his 500 years of influence on architecture in Europe and the US, sharing personal photos and stories of his travel and exploration through Italy over the years, all while making a risotto to share with the audience.

Andrea Palladio’s work has been valued as the quintessence of High Renaissance calm and harmony.  His reputation is based on his skill as a designer of villas, located in what was the Venetian Republic in northeastern Italy. Palladio’s teachings, summarized in the architectural treatise, The Four Books of Architecture, gained him recognition around the world

An expert on Palladio, Gary has led many tours to study Palladio’s villas and public buildings; traversing the backroads of the Veneto from Mantua to Treviso, including The Palladio Museum, The Canova Museum and to the walled towns Marostica, Sabbioneta and Asolo. 

Palladio ~Risotto has been presented in numerous locations. Among these gatherings have been a group in the Tuscan town of Poppi; the Alexander Thomson Society in Glasgow; kitchen designers in San Diego; design enthusiast groups in Portland, Seattle, New York and Chicago; students at the Parsons School of Design; Palm Beach Preservation Society donors; and more recently, to the Institute for Classical Architecture and Art – Northern California and Texas chapters.  

In March 2019, Gary will be presenting Palladio~Risotto in Richmond, Virginia at the Branch Museum of Architecture and Design for the Center for Palladian Studies in America.

Gary has taught Architecture and Interior Design Courses at NYU, Harvard, Yale, the Univ. of Illinois (Chicago), Parsons School of Design, NY Institute of Technology and The Boston Architectural Center. His work has been featured in House Beautiful, House & Garden and Veranda, Country Living and The Chicago Tribune/Homes, NY Women, The NY Observer, and The NY Times. 

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